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                    About Brexit 1
                    The large demonstration of 20th October in London.
                    About Brexit 4
                    In the winter of 2017 the UKIP campaign to beat Labour in Stoke Central distorted politics by showing Remain in a Leave constituency was not electorally sound - but is this so today?
                    About Brexit 2
                    The Full Motion - not perhaps the change of policy many wanted, but a step forward. See Data in Focus 4 for the text.
                    About Brexit 3
                    Big Red Bus - on its first visit to Birmingham. It will roll again this autumn to counter the propaganda of the first, Boris Johnson linked, Big Red Bus.
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                    Check these five questions to see if you are a Brexit Sceptic:

                    Question 1

                    Do you think Brexit is a total disaster & think there is no soft brexit, nice brexit, brexit for jobs, better out than in?

                    Question 2

                    Do you think it can only reversed if there is a 3rd – referendum offering the in-out vote again but with Remain reflecting the views of ordinary people?

                    Question 3

                    Do you think that if the Peoples’ Vote campaign has an in-out vote in its proposal “yes” – but if only on the deal – “no”?

                    Question 4

                    Are you are sceptical about the current Remain leadership and its ability to reverse the majority vote of 2016?

                    Question 5

                    Do you think that the arguments that a further vote is a second referendum, and is undemocratic and unconstitutional, or will lose Labour support need to be contested?

                    Yes to all five?

                    Then you are a Brexit Sceptic – join up!

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                    And we are here as on a darkling plain,
                    swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight
                    where ignorant armies clash by night.
                    Matthew Arnold
                    Dover Beach

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